Sunday, 13 September 2015

Winds of change

Well gosh darn it - I haven't been here for what seems like eons.

I have been taking photos and making mental notes to update life's happenings, but woops.

This time last year I was an emotional mess which resulted in making what now seems like the dumbest decision in my life. However, life goes on and in the past 12 months I have experienced many new things. New jobs, new cities, new journeys, new friends and new beginnings.

But those winds of change have blown in again and unsettled barely formed plans. Christchurch has been farewelled, and home looks like it could be further north than ever before - in this country at least.

Sometimes this seems like a half baked idea, but then I think..."My job was just not doing it for me anymore, and the likelihood of my contract being extended past the end of the year felt pretty remote. So best to cut bait and run now ahead of everyone else hitting the job market" I also don't think I ever considered that Christchurch would be my forever home - though I am open to returning if the time was right.

We had some winter weather - even a teeny bit of snow - not enough to cause chaos, or even to hang around for long and look pretty, but snow after all. Another new experience.

We had a spur of the moment road trip to Dunedin (for lunch) as you do. If I had realised how close this great city was to Christchurch I would have made many more regular trips. We found this yarn-bombed tree.

and this on the way back

Spring was definitely in the air over our last few weeks in Christchurch, but we ended up missing the best part of our beloved rental property's garden -the Magnolia tree and Cherry trees coming into flower.

...and definitely going to miss this drive to work,

and the fun times with new friends. It's been great. What will the next 12 months bring ?

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Ferrymead - A Glimpse of the Past

Ferrymead Heritage Park. A bit like MOTAT in Auckland but less crowded and a great place to reflect on life as it used to be. Simpler.

hehe - not so old - a bit of my everyday in Wellington until just a couple of years ago

Are we who we think we are ?

These arrived in the mail.

We spat in them and sent them back.

Wonder what matches will be found - and what surprises too ?

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Gondola ? Cable Car ?

When I think of a gondola I imagine a boat on a canal in Venice. Why then are the little bubble glass carriages that transport loads of tourists and locals up the sides of hills in Queenstown, Christchurch and Rotorua also called gondola ? Whatever the reason, they are a great way to get up and down a steep hill and to enjoy the scenery as you go and from the top.

We decided to go one frosty clear morning to see what it was all about. It was a beautiful day, with clear skies - but hazy, probably caused by the city slowly thawing from the hard frost earlier.

It's worth the trip if you are in Christchurch and have the time. A 20 minute wait for hot drinks at the cafe was a bit hard to swallow, but at least we were told when we ordered and weren't left wondering if they had forgotten our order.

Actually Freezing

The Camellias are all bursting into shades of pink and red in the garden and there is the promise of Spring in other plants too. Bulbs are peeking through the cold soil and some even flowering. The Magnolia and Rhododendron have buds waiting for just the right time to surprise us and the cherry trees have wee buds growing on their bare branches. But it is still REALLY cold. There have been bone chilling frosts and even some snow - though only a dusting which just looked like frost and was gone by mid morning.

Glad this was a Saturday and not a rubbish collection morning - touching that handle would not be a great start to anybody's day.

Heavy dew, clear nights, great sunsets

Winter is here, air temperatures have been very fridge like. But, there is still more sunshine than I am used to for winter; hardly any rain, and not much promise of snow. What is with  that ? Winter in South Island - I thought - would bring more of these things - not just way colder temperatures.

...and the months keep marching by, bringing decision time closer and closer.